VERBA ODREC S.A. was founded in the early 1970’s by Eustorgio Hipolito Vergara and Edna Barrios in the district of La Chorrera about 50 km west of the city of Panama.

VERBA is considered a pioneer and one of first pineapples farms with export quality in Panama.

VERBA is also recognized as early adopter of global food safety standards.

Our commitment to quality, excellence and leadership is best embodied by our president; Mrs. Edna Vergara; first woman ever to win of “Rafael Grajales” Medallion; awarded to the Best National Agricultural Producer in the country.

Over the years VERBA created a reputation for working with and helping smaller growers export their products across the globe.

After a more than decade of experience exporting pineapples, VERBA remains an industry leader and a exceptional grower and packer.

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